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Disrupt "The Old Way" with AI Marketing Tool Disruptr AI

Your AI Marketing Command Centre

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  • Innovative. Intuitive. Impactful. 

  • Save in $20K in outsourcing costs

  • Get the Psychographic advantage

  • More Than Just An AI Marketing Tool!

    At Disruptr AI, we revolutionize digital marketing with our AI marketing tool for small businesses.

    DisruptrAI AI Marketing Tool Heart of the matter
    Disruptr AI Marketing Tool Heart of the matter

    Disruptr AI Short Explainer Video

    "It's mind blowing," says Ben Plunkett from Plunkett Media

    Your Disruptr AI All-in-One Marketing Command Centre

    From strategy to execution! From content to imagary! Your Disruptr AI Marketing Command Centre comes finely tuned to your client based on the advanced science of client psychographics!

    Client Psychographics

    We personally engineer every single subscription to your target audience. This ensures any content you produce deeply resonates with your client.

    Analyse & Save Your Voice

    Our AI Marketing Tool will analyse, identify and let you set-and-forget your unique voice, tone and style, so everything you generate sounds just like you.

    Eliminate Hallucinations

    Disruptr AI has a vast library waiting to be filled with your company’s data to eliminate hallucinations and ensure all of your content exactly reflects your products and services.

    33 Marketing Tasks

    The Disruptr AI Marketing Tool has 33 one-click apps. There is an app for every single task your marketing department does on a regular basis.

    43 Different Formats

    There is a pre-set format for every single piece of content your marketing department produces, including blog posts, emails, outlines, strategies, advertising, etc

    20 Different Structures

    Every format offers a choice of structures. For example, a Blog Post format, has a list of structures to choose from including 'how to' or 'problem-solution'.

    Built-in Filing System

    Organise your content into folders and documents then access them from a single dashboard efficiently, so you never have to struggle to find what you're looking for.


    Select from multiple language options and enjoy robust collaboration tools so your entire team can work on your content.

    Marketing Blueprint

    A powerful list of essential marketing building blocks, tailored to your target audience, to equip you with the tools you need to create content that deeply resonates with your clients.

    Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Software Subscriptions

    Generate website

    Generate Entire Website or Funnel Copy 

    Our AI platform produces compelling website and funnel copy, enhancing user engagement. It optimizes content for conversions, drives traffic and tailors messages to resonate with target audiences. 

    Early Founder Access

    Generate A Concise Brand Summary With Just One Click

    Disrtuptr AI crafts a detailed brand summary that can be used to create all of your marketing content with the core values and messsages outlined in your brand summary, so you may maintain consistancy and reinforce your brand identity.

    Early Founder Access
    Google robot

    Create SEO Optimised Blog Posts & Ad Copy 

    Disruptr AI accelerates blog post creation with topical suggestions, SEO optimization an tailored tones. It crafts engaging content that captivates readers, boosts rankings and enhances brand narratives. 

    Early Founder Access
    Cloned image

    Clone or Modify an Image in a New Style from a Specific List

    Upload an existing image and either replicate it (clone) or reimagine it (modify). This is an excellent tool when you need a couple of representations of that perfect image across multiple posts.

    Early Founder Access
    Style analyser

    Analyze Your Writing Style Then Set & Forget It

    Tailor the tool to your unique brand voice. Or capture the essence of an author you admire. This tool will analyze and save your style. Unify your teams' voice across all content. Less frustration. And fewer drafts save AI credits.  

    Early Founder Access
    Daron S

    "Revolutionizing Team Collaboration with Disruptr AI"

    "From sceptic to believer, Disruptr AI won me over with their advanced AI technology. It's not often that you come across a platform that truly delivers on its promise to revolutionize your marketing. The access to new features and their proactive customer support made me feel like I had a tech team in my back pocket. When they say your satisfaction is their priority, they mean it. And if you're wondering about ROI, let's just say, Disruptr AI has paid for itself many times over."



    "Bridging Gaps in Strategy with Innovative AI Solutions"

    "As someone who's witnessed the challenges of inefficient communication, I can confidently say Disruptr AI was a game-changer for us. It's simple collaboration functions and recommended communication strategies and content, bridged gaps we've been working on for ages, while enhancing our comms and brand recognition."



    "The Catalyst for Our Digital Engagement Success"

    "With Disruptr AI, we found the answer to our digital engagement dilemma. This tool helped us move away from outdated methods and adopt a focused, strategy-driven approach to our digital marketing. It's amazing how it aligns with our goal of continuous learning and adapting, making our content more engaging and valuable to our customers."




    How is Disruptr AI Better Than ChatGPT?

    Option to set-and-forget your very own tone, style and voice

    Disruptr AI


    Ability to organise your chats systematically into Projects and Documents

    Ability to control hallucinations

    Set-and-forget client psychographics so all of your content specifically targets your target audience

    Built-in marketing and sales templates based on persuasive techniques and patterns

    One-click set & forget of multiple roles such as, blogger, copy writer, etc 

    One-click set-and-forget choice of multiple personas for each role

    Ability to set target market, avatar and reading levels

    Ability to set & forget any rules. IE: Do not mention my competitor

    Choice of multiple formats, such as blog post, survey, long-form sales letter, etc 

    Choice of multiple frameworks for each format. IE: Blog post - problem-solution-post, how-to-post, etc

    One-click set & forget content length

    Inbuilt keyword research tool & SEO optimisation of content

    On-the-fly editing tool which provides multiple editing options. IE: Find a relevant proverb, make more concise, etc...

    Ability to generate output in any language including Caveman and Klingon



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    We Are Here To Help You With Your Questions About Disruptr AI

    How much training is involved?

    Disruptr AI really is intuitive. Unlike other AI GTPs, you can hit the ground running with this tool. You do not have to invest many hours learning how to be a prompt engineer because there are one-click apps for every marketing task you need. And if, for some reason, you need to do something that doesn't have an app, just ask. As a nimble start-up company, backed by a team of AI scientists, we're in the unique position of being able to prioritise your needs.  

    What makes it so different to other AI tools?

    Disruptr AI out-functions other marketing AI tools. It gives you access to almost 100 proven sales and content templates, created by legendary marketers and copywriters. Their use of persuasive techniques and patterns, surpasses the capabilities of any other AI tool, and will probably blow your socks off as well.

    How can Disruptr AI reduce my marketing costs?

    Embracing Disruptr AI can save your business at least $20,000 in outsourcing fees. For example, a project like creating a website and a complementary full suite of marketing email content, traditionally costing thousands and taking months, can now be completed in just one afternoon. With systematic content planning and powerful search functions, Disruptr AI not only expedites the creative process but also empowers you to make decisive moves amidst market uncertainty,

    Are You Ready to Impress Even Your Most Demanding Critic (You) with Your Productivity?

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