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Meet the Disruptifiers

Join the team and enjoy the ride!

Leigh Valentine

Leigh Valentine, CEO & Founding Partner

"Empowering your business with tailored AI solutions rooted in the science of mind, emotion, and behavior."

Lauraine McDonald

Lauraine McDonald, Maketing Director & Founding Partner

"Fusing innovation with expertise to disrupt the realm of marketing, pioneer new pathways and redefine industry standards.."

Ching Yu Tan

Ching Yu Tan, Coach & Consultant

"My mission is to help, inspire, empower."

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime, AI Architect & Entrepeneur

"Embrace your individuality and strengths. Stay authentic to your true self. Craft a distinctive personal style."

Maya Cage

Maya Cage, Designer

"As a designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company."

Sharon Provis

Finance Director

"Dedicated to balanciing the numbers at Disruptr AI to allow our innovative journey to flourish."

Disruptr AI Marketing Tool George

George Albury, Marketing Automation Engineer

"Committed to pushing boundaries with a relentless drive for innovation and cutting-edge technologies."

Sophie Lee

"From Fear to Triumph"

"Disruptr AI helped us overcome the fear of embracing new technologies. Our team has seen a remarkable improvement in managing our digital campaigns, driving higher customer engagement, and staying ahead in a competitive market."



Ethan Sayers

"No more justifying our existence"

"Implementing Disruptr AI was a turning point for us. Seeing our team being celebrated for their creativity and effectiveness has been incredibly fulfilling."



Jordon Kim

"We've found our performance enhancerifer"

"Integrating Disruptr AI into our marketing strategy not only streamlined our marketing processes but also infused a new level of creativity and effectiveness into our campaigns. It's helped us adapt in a rapidly changing digital landscape."



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