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Empower Your Productivity with the Disruptr AI Marketing Tool

Why Choose Us

Because Disruptr AI has the most comprehensive set of AI marketing tools you'll ever need. On top of that, we personally tune each subscription we sell, to your specific target audience, so that all of your content speaks exactly to your clients. Additional target audiences can be added at any time.

Infographic Our USP

I'm your target-audience psychographic artisan

Leigh Valentine, Disruptr AI, Partner & CEO

Disrutpr AI isn't any ordinary off-the-shelf AI marketing tool!  Each subscription we sell is pre-set with a sophisticated science-backed client psychographic profile that reflects your client persona. This means any content generated you generate can be set to deeply resonate with your target audience and will perfectly fit your unique brand identity.

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Every Disruptr AI Marketing Tool includes:

AI Marketing Command Centre

An AI-content and image tool that handles all of your marketing tasks.

Customer Diary

Highlights 27 pain points you can use to generate content that exactly addresses your client's challenges.

Marketing Blueprint

Delivers multiple targetted messages that you can use to drive content that deeply resonates with your client's frustrations, fears and discomfort.

Psychograhic Insights

Persuasive words targeting your client’s pain points are powerful. But to modify their perception of whether they need your product, you need to change their beliefs. This tool maps how.

AI Marketing Command Centre

Set-and-forget your voice, tone and style

  • The ability to analyse and then set-and-forget your own voice, tone and style

  • 33 Standard Apps (listed below)

  • Each app provides one-click access to a list of prompts that perform a specific marketing task. There is a separate app for every single task your marketing department does on a regular basis.

  • 33 Different Formats

  • Up to 30 different formats to choose from, including blog posts, emails, outlines, headlines, etc

  • 20 Different Frameworks

  • Up to 20 different content-structure frameworks for each format – for example: You might choose a “how to” framework for a “blog” format

  • 50 Different Tones, Styles & Goals

  • 50 different tones, styles and goals to choose from.

  • Choice of Outputs

  • You can choose to output in WYSIWYG, with headings and italics. Unlike Chat GPT, when you cut and paste the content you've created holds its format.

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Robust collaboration tools suitable for marketing agencies or inhouse marketing teams

  • Knowledge Base

  • An empty library space in the AI brain dedicated to storing all of your company data for its future reference, reducing inaccuracies or off-brand content (hallucinations).

  • Customer Diary - 27 Pain Points

    A customer diary, comprising 8 entries, is a narrative-style document that captures the daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings of a specific customer. It provides:

    Your client's challenges

  • Specific problems or obstacles that your client faces in their daily experiences

  • What your client goes through

  • An understanding of what the customer goes through as they realise they need a solution to their problem.

  • What really matters

  • Invaluable awareness into what really matters to your customer.

  • What motivates your client

  • Insight into their motivations, frustrations and desires

  • Before-and-After 

  • A before-and-after glimpse of their business journey to success

  • Marketing Blueprint - Targeted Messages

    This valuable toolkit equips marketing managers to craft targeted messages that resonate with clients' emotions and needs, leverage essential marketing elements, communicate product value, and make informed decisions, ultimately leading to more successful marketing endeavors.

    Targeted Messages

  • Targeted messages that address your client's frustrations, fears and discomfort.

    Free - 1 message

    Solopreneur - 3 messages

    Small Business - 5 messages

    Enterprise - 10 messages

  • Essential Marketing Elements

  • A powerful list of marketing essentials highlighting your audience's concerns, emotions, objections, and aspirations while providing valuable insights into effective messaging, successful strategies, and how to address potential challenges.

  • Solutions from the Heart

  • Your primary solution, key features, detailed definition and benefits

  • How I help

  •  Your offer, unique selling proposition (USP), delivery method, benefits, target audience, features, and any necessary reframing.

  • Business Gut Brain

  • Essential aspects of user-centric marketing, including user identification conditional strategies, comparative insights and compelling sales messaging.


    Idealogy Frameworks

    These nine ideology frameworks give you a choice on how to present the information from the client diary and the marketing blueprint to create highly resonant and emotionally engaging content, driving superior marketing results. 

    Persuasive words targeting your client’s challenges and pain points are powerful. But not necessarily powerful enough to modify their perception of whether they need your product.

    To change this perception, you need to change their beliefs. The content-psychographic insights, maps how you can influence your client’s beliefs.

    Explore Disruptr AI's Standard Apps

    At Disruptr AI, we're more than just a tech company. We're pioneers, leading the charge in transforming traditional marketing methods with our groundbreaking AI Marketing Tools.


    Brand Site Architect

    Provides website design outlines for all pages. Includes all content with headings mapped out. Saves time designing site architecture. Gets your website launched faster

    Funnel Wizard Expert

    Funnel Wizard Expert

    Creates funnel content based on proven templates . Requires only basic business information to quickly build high-converting sales funnels. Let's you start making more sales sooner.

    Lng Form Copy Generator

    Long Form Copy Generator

    Writes detailed sales copy. Leverages GPT to create persuasive copy.  Saves time writing effective sales letters. Launches marketing campaigns fast.

    Hedline Pro

    Creates Marketing Headlines

    Specializes in generating captivating headlines. Grabs attention to improve engagement.  Gets more leads and sales.

    Suject Line Pro

    Subject Line Pro

    Crafts email subject lines. Leverages principles for high open rates. Gets more emails opened and read. Increases email marketing ROI.

    Better Bullets

    Better Bullets

    Creates persuasive bullets. Uses direct response techniques . Makes bullets more compelling and effective. Boost conversions from copy.

    Webinar Outline Wizard

    Webinar Outline Wizard

    Creates webinar slide outlines. Tailored to your business information.  Jumpstart effective webinar planning. Deliver high-value webinars faster.

    Facebook Ads Pro

    Ad Copy Creator

    Designs ads with copy for Facebook,  Youtube and Google.  Optimized for your specific business.  Saves time.  Get better ROI on ad spend.


    SEO Keyword Wizard

    Generates long-tail keyword ideas. Identifies effective SEO terms.  Improves website visibility in search.  Increases targeted organic traffic

    Storyboard Artist

    Storyboard Artist

    Creates storyboard images from text. Visualizes Video Sales Letter scenes. Plan VSLs more creatively and effectively. Make higher converting VSLs

    Image Cloner

    Image Cloner & Reimaginer

    Clones or reimagines images . Provides style options to choose from. Quickly create fresh, unique images . Enhance and refresh content faster.

    Viral Video Assistant

    Viral Video Assistant

    Optimizes YouTube videos. Focuses on maximizing engagement. Drives more YouTube views and shares . Build your YouTube following. 

    Prompt enhancer

    Prompt Enhancer

    Improves prompt creativity and details. Makes prompts more effective. Get better results from AI systems. Boost your productivity using AI.

    Brand in a box

    Brand in a Box

    Summarizes brand details concisely. Distills from in-depth brand docs. Efficiently communicate brand essence . Speed up brand design and assets.

    Text Documet Splitter

    Text Document Splitter

    Splits documents into sections. Exports files based on length. Easily work with large documents. Streamline workflow and editing.

    Doc Condenser

    Doc Condenser

    Condenses documents by half. Retains key ideas and concepts.  Make documents more scannable and sharable.  Improve comprehension and sharing.

    BetterBlog Post

    Better Blog Post

    Refines blog posts for optimization. Improves SEO, engagement and readability.  Drives more traffic and subscribers from blogs. Grow your audience and reach.

    Elevator Pitch Perfect

    Elevator Pitch Perfect

    Crafts elevator pitches from user-uploaded business documents.. Communicate the value proposition clearly to investors, clients. Leads to more persuasive communications.

    Scene Crator

    Scene Creator

    Breaks down texts into scenes. Retains sales letter text verbatim.  Plan VSLs creatively while preserving copy.  Improve VSL planning efficiency.

    Viral Clip Maker

    Viral Clip Maker

    Identifies engaging video segments. Analyzes transcripts to find viral clips.  Creates shareable shorts from long videos.  Increase video content reach.

    Vision Mission

    Vision Mission Creator

    Helps craft vision and mission statements for businesses. Strengthens the businesses foundation and direction. fostering a sense of cohesion and unity. 

    Writing Style Analyser

    Writing Style Analyser

    Analyzes text for tone, style, traits; and provides AI prompts to reproduce it. Improves communication, enhances persuasiveness and brand consistency. Upholds brand identify.

    Sophie Lee

    "From Fear to Triumph"

    "Disruptr AI's marketing tools helped us overcome the fear of embracing new technologies. Our team has seen a remarkable improvement in managing our digital campaigns, driving higher customer engagement, and staying ahead in a competitive market.



    Ethan Sayers

    "No more justifying our existence"

    "Implementing Disruptr AI was a turning point for us. Seeing our team being celebrated for their creativity and effectiveness has been incredibly fulfilling."



    Jordon Kim

    "We've found our performance enhancerifer"

    "Disruptr AI marketing tools not only streamlined our marketing processes but also infused a new level of creativity and effectiveness into our campaigns. It's helped us adapt in a rapidly changing digital landscape."



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