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Inspiring Your Creativity Today!

Welcome to the Dawn of a New Era in Marketing with DisruptR AI

As we approach our grand launch on 9th April, we're offering this exclusive opportunity for forward-thinking marketers to join early as part of our 30 founding members.

YES! I'm Ready For Rapid Growth


This unique chance allows you to leverage our AI not just as a tool, but as a strategic ally in crafting narratives that resonate with your audience.

See the transformation in your marketing campaigns as they become more data-driven, targeted, and effective with our bespoke messaging insights specifically created for your business.

You'll not only get the latest marketing content AI development, we’ll also be adding updates inline with future AI developments.

For today you can see what we have for you, before we launch.

DisruptR AI The Marketing Command Centre (approx 1,200,000 words)

Dive into AI-driven marketing with a team member that transcends mere writing, to deliver stories that resonate on a deeper level, strategies that really deliver, and tools to replace multiple outsourced tasks.

Exclusive To DisruptR AI: The Resonant Source!

  • - Your Ideal Client's Diary: Unlock a deeper understanding of your audience. Tailored to your client avatar & niche, the diary has 8 internal dialogue entries capturing your ideal client’s desires and challenges.

  • - 10 Targeted Messages: Secure bespoke messages from your target audience’s complaints & predicaments, to goals & promises. Each message can be used for specific targeted campaigns.

  • - Marketing Blueprint: Your solutions and offers reframed for psychological impact. Talk about your business in different ways to stand out from the crowd.

  • All the support you need from us at Disruptr AI.

  • - Complete Setup: Let us onboard you with a personal setup to get you started in the shortest time possible.

  • - Weekly Office Hours: Gain insights and stay ahead with our forward thinking sessions. (Starts April)

  • - A Day with a DisruptR AI Founder: Enjoy a deep-dive to personalise your path to success even quicker.

  • - Free Future Upgrades: Stay ahead with AI! Access to all upcoming features, enhancing your marketing arsenal.

  • Our services

    The effectiveness of DisruptR AI is not just a claim but a reality backed by its advanced AI technology and user feedback. 


    Its ability to produce resonant and targeted copy is supported by the latest advancements in natural language processing and machine learning with our bespoke messaging profiles and diaries.

    All-in-One Command Centre

    DisruptR AI was born out of a need to inspire the content creation landscape for marketing professionals.

    By Marketers For Marketers

    After research and development, it has evolved into a powerful marketing tool that not only simplifies but also elevates every single marketing task.

    Exclusive To DisruptR AI

    It's unique Ideal Clients Diary feature and bespoke targeted messaging make it a game-changer in producing resonant and effective marketing materials.

    Recap and Value

  • DisruptR AI (1,200,000 Approx Words)

  • Value ($1,188)

  • 10 Targeted Messages

  • Value ($50,000)

  • Ideal Client's Diary

  • Value ($2,500)

  • Marketing Blueprint

  • Value ($1,300)

  • Complete Setup

  • Value ($1,000)

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Value ($3,000)

  • Day with a Founder

  • Value ($5,000)

    Total Value: $64.088

    Special Early Launch Pricing:- AI Mastery Elite:

    A one-year all-in-one package at $1,500, set to increase.

    Enjoy approximately 100,000 words a month.


    Buy Now

    Let's put something into perspective…

    On a platform like Get A Copywriter, prices for a blog post of 400 words by an expert copywriter start at £108.

    Join us and secure your position as a founding member and redefine your marketing strategy with DisruptR AI. 


    Let us show you how to use AI in your marketing so you can get the best ROI in the shortest amount of time possible.










    Satisfaction Guaranteed: With a 30-day money-back promise because we're confident in the marketing potential DisruptR AI offers you!

    Yes! I Want To Master AI*

    *Price is guaranteed till midnight

    “AI is not going to replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace the managers who do not” 

    Rob Thomas

    IBM Senior Vice President

    This is more than an offer; it's a partnership with your future in AI content creation using a copywriting powerhouse that is disrupting how we deeply connect through words.

    Ready to disrupt?

    Got Questions?

    We’ve Got Answers!

    How deep do the client diary and insights go?

    We’re talking deep! 

    The diary captures the pivotal moments of realisation and desire for change, giving you a unique view into your client’s mindset. 

    The targeted messages are designed for direct response and are like an extension of the challenges, hope, and dreams in the diary.

    What if I already know my audience's demographics?

    That's a great start, but we're delving into the psychographic side here! 

    We provide insights into the objections, beliefs, and motivations of your audience, offering a depth of understanding that goes beyond demographics, ensuring your content remains relevant and resonant.

    Are you using Chat GPT to power DisruptR AI?

    Our tool is actually based on Open.AI, whose large language model is Chat GPT.

    It is the most advanced large language model tool available now.

    We simply learnt how to control it!

    Our Command centre was designed by marketers for marketing.

    Complete with Content Co-Pilot, “ASK AI”, and 33 extra marketing Apps!

    We may have the latest Chat GPT powering us but we have no limit like GPT’s 40 messages every 3 hours.

    Plus, it requires minimum prompting with our Direct - Pick - Click Method.